The influence of green energy production on FDI on the example of Poland

  • Aleksander Rezmer Gdańsk School of Higher Education


The aim of the article is to discuss the role of green energy production in attracting FDI. The main assumption of the analysis is the positive role of FDI on a host country’s economy. That is why shaping investment attractiveness is a key issue that governments have to address and providing sufficient energy supply is of paramount importance. In order to achieve the article’s objective the importance of energy supply in terms of FDI has been presented, energetic situation of Poland was described and special emphasis was put on green energy production in Poland. The final part of the article is the analysis how green energy production in Poland influences its attractiveness and what ought to be done to improve the situation. The main conclusion from the analysis is that it is necessary to develop green energy projects not only to create environmentally-friendly image but also to address the shortages of energy supply that are more and more likely to occur which may force foreign investors to withdraw their capital from the country.


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Rezmer, A. (2019). The influence of green energy production on FDI on the example of Poland. Eco-Energetics: Technologies, Environment, Law and Economy, 2, 179-186.