Trends in Biogas Technologies

  • Guenter Busch INBIA GmbH, Cottbus, Germany
  • Jochen Grossmann Physical Aspects of Ecoenergy Department, The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences
Słowa kluczowe: biogas technologies, flexible operation, biodegradable waste, phosphorus and nitrogen recovery, methanation


The presentation is meant to give a short overview on the state of the development of biogas technologies with special emphasis on the situation in Germany. Although the share of biogas based electrical energy among other types of renewable energies has become smaller, it still plays an important role for the compensation of fluctuating alternative energies and for the recycling of important substances like fertilisers as well. The growth of biogas capacities is limited due to the limited abundance of substrates. But newer technologies allow the biochemical production of biogas from carbon dioxide and hydrogen without any organic matter. Most probably, such processes will have the potential to change the common practise of biogas upgrading at least.


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Individual Information provided by GICON GmbH, Dresden, and INBIA. Cottbus.

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Busch, G., & Grossmann, J. (2019). Trends in Biogas Technologies. Eco-Energetics: Technologies, Environment, Law and Economy, 2, 15-18.